Manufactur cooking oil refining castor oil refinery machine

Pump the decolorized oil into a high-vacuum distillation vessel with an oil temperature of 240°C to 260°C, and distill it for 4 hours. FFA will be removed by direct steam. After the hot distilled oil is exchanged with the decolorized oil, the final oil is produced. Note: This process not only removes FFA, but also removes odors and most of the red/thermal decolorization. Special Degumming Section The cooking oil refining castor oil refinery machine removal of soluble impurities in crude oil is a degumming process. Because phosphoric acid is the main component of soluble impurities in crude oil. In industry, degumming is also referred to as removing phosphoric acid. Before the distillation process of physical oil refining, removing soluble impurities is a very important step, which can reduce the loss in the oil and improve the quality of the oil. The filtered crude oil is drawn from the buffer tank. Through the metering system, the oil enters the heat exchanger and is heated to the design temperature of 60°C. Then enter the mixer container and mix with the phosphate ester added by the metering pump. The mixture flows into the acid reactor and reacts for 15-20 minutes. The gum and oil are then separated by a centrifuge. The oil exchanges heat to 70 degrees and flows into the pre-bleaching process. welcome to contact us!

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