Sunflower Seeds/Almond/Soybean Oil Press Machine/Oil Expeller

This machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient installation, high degree of automation, fast furnace heating, random pressing, high oil yield, clear oil, and pure flavor. It is also known as a combination of sunflower seed oil press and oil filter, automatic oil press cold press. Our comprehensive oil press is widely used in the processing of rapeseed, cotton, soybean, peanut, sesame, sunflower, tung, olive, coconut, palm and other granular oils, as well as for the processing and safflower of rice bran, corn germ and powdered oil. And other wild vegetable oils. It is a recycled product of small and medium-sized vegetable oil plants and private factories in rural areas. It is an ideal choice for users to achieve a well-off life.

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